Review: EViews User Meeting 2014 in Frankfurt

Two days of presentations, exchange of ideas and networking are over. For all who have missed it: I'm talking about the first EViews User Meeting in Frankfurt. Organized by IHS Germany and STATCON the User Meeting brought users from several countries together: Austria, Poland and Germany. Under the general topic of "Global Commodity Markets - Scenarios, Prices and Forecasts" many very informative, helpful talks were presented, covering the range from scientific methodology, technical advices & programming and of course: case-studies!
The share of thought about how to best utilize EViews within individual organizations as well as the use of different types of econometric models  was the most stimulating element across the two days.

Bertram Schäfer at his talk
Day 1 started with a talk from Prof. Achim Wübker sharing his ideas about "Forecasting Electricity Rates via EViews incorporating Political Decisions". Other highlights were Dr. Margolis presentation on risk-modelling for industries and companies and Christian Borgmann giving an insight into the "Importance of Energyprice- and gasprice-forecasts for Local Energy Suppliers". The last presentation of the day was mine about Scripting and Addin-Developement  in EViews.

While the official part was over at that point, we had the chance to continue with the more informal part at the conference dinner. I can't recommend the "Ariston"-restaurant in Frankfurt enough. They provided great food in a fantastic atmosphere.
Me: Talking about Scripting in EViews
We can't talk about day 2 of the conference without mentioning Bertram Schäfers talk about "Modelling Energy-Prices using Weather Data". In the end our chair Prof. Wübcker had to stop the discussions to make sure that the other speaker will have their fair share of time, too. One of those speakers was Dr. Goers giving us all an idea what the "MOVE"-project is all about and what kind of models he uses to make predictions for the austrian economy. Last but not least Boris Fuks from IHS took his time to introduce the GLM (Global Link Model) which seems to be a great tool to get advantage from the power of EViews without needing to care for how to use EViews itself.

All in all we had great two days and I want to thank all the speakers, organizers (especially Mr. Tröscher from IHS and Claudia Walber from STATCON) and of course all of the participants for making this kind of event possible! I hope to see all of you - and even more - next year for the Second EViews User Meeting!

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