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Three days ago I gave my talk on "EViews Scripting and Addin-Development" at the First EViews User Meeting. As I think there is lot of unused potential I'll try to increase the reach of my talk by posting here again.

My point is, that we as the community of EViews-Users can't expect the EViews developer team to do all the work. There will always be some features that we desire but that are currently not available. Luckely EViews  offers such a powerful scripting language and we are often able to implement these features by ourselves. Of course the best part is that it is so easy to share the results of that by creating an addin for EViews based on your code.

In my talk I explained the whole process of going from a simple idea to the final addin. Starting point was the wish to easily create graphs like that:
My kind of Forecast Graph
To get an idea how I was able to solve that problem, just download the attached addin-file. You can open the file by Unzipping it and the whole program code is available in there. Additionally you can find the slides of the talk here!

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask in here or via Twitter: @statconConsult!

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